A bicycle tour in the park Chêneraie… On the old road to La Teste, just off the Hume / Gujan – Mestras.

At the heart of the Chêneraie Park, reigns an atmosphere of calm, tranquility, the freshness of tall trees. On one side the channel to Cazaux and Hume, on the other, the channel connected to the Bassin d’Arcachon.

Created by Boyer-Fonfrède, whose vast project was to connect to Bayonne Gironde estuary by the lake route, the Park Chêneraie adjacent to the canal lock which remained unfinished because of infertile soil of hand and the other sand. Therefore, the channel remains uncompleted.

Arrived at the park, take the right path. Stroll at your own pace, taking time to give some time to the surrounding nature … Cascades melodious little mischievous squirrels, mallards dance … The lush flora discovered ferns, water lilies, reeds and pine .. .

A little further, a space is reserved for cross mountain bike for a few thrills guaranteed! And a fitness trail for a « sports break. »

At the heart of pine trees you then walk along the holiday chalets « Khelus club ». It’s time to offer some respite on the red benches placed near the canal. Observe a moment the surface of the water, breathe … Let yourself be overwhelmed by the serenity.

After this short break, you can take the other road before the bridge (first right). He joined Chêneraie, thereby closing the loop. On this path, keep good eyes open and watch for tree roots. Then you take the path left to go before the restaurant « La Canne à Sucre » and catch the road earlier and retrace your steps.

Do not we were on the other side of the canal there is a moment? It looks like there are more people on this side one!

How beautiful it is, as it’s quiet, that it feels good to be cool under the oaks and the pines stalked! This little corner of fitted drill was welcome, we are back to the starting point.

In few words: 
Nature Circuit, easily accessible.
Flat path.
For all types of bikes.
Recommended for families
About 3 hours to walk 15 kms



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