Les Bordes neighborhood is an enclave in the town of La Teste, so close to the city center and both so far by its mysteries and legends that surround it.

We can only focus on this area, besides the inhabitants are very proud so they created an association to safeguard their welfare.

This is why we ask you to observe the rules of hygiene and minimize disruption to vegetation, for the happiness of all.

The starting point of the ride is in the port of La Teste at the end of the street oyster farmers. Turn right on the embankment along the sea (preferably on the wet sand as the terrain is somewhat sandy but eventually settles), and with a little luck a swan couple will follow you or may be is -this a heron? Enjoy the scenery, flying ducks, kites seems spy on you, food quest in gulls and egrets that less shy. Many birds that fly over this place whose ecosystem is rich and welcoming. It must be said that the crow flies we are pretty close to the ornithological park of Teich.

the tamarisk by one, with their beautiful pink flowers of Baccharis and there, ah! Here again the locks, oh! and a fish jumping for a mosquito surely!

This alliance sea, beach, marsh, vegetation, wildlife is so beautiful you would like the time stops to stop thinking just to watch and enjoy the Mother Nature. You have done the hard part! That’s it ! Of civilization! Here we are at the Rock Port, quite modern complex of little interest if not for its oysters and tiled whitewashed old.

Follow the path of right and twice on the left while the oyster huts along the way. Then resume the dike passing on the right to recover the sea. Again some sand which is mixed broken glass and oyster shells to enhance the way. (Be careful not to puncture a tire.)

To your right you can see a kind of pond / marsh real larder for wildlife and hunting place for « Ton » for fans of ducks. Here and there, a few cartridges abandoned by hunters stunned ruin when not even the frantic dance of reeds and rushes and wonderful ballet swifts, swallows, gulls and gavettes.

If the tide is low you can see some local pick up their worms, periwinkles and clams and shells.

At the end of the dike can now see the Estey, canal linking the Hume Cazaux. That of tourists on the beach in front! C’est La Hume! How lucky to be preserved on this side!

Right along the lane, and get to the « Pitey » (sort of elevated hut used by the résiniers) two solutions:

Right by the charming way (a small pony awaits you at the end) we can reach the Port of the Rock and catch the second dam;
All right, up the road a little wild path, narrow and shaded 300 meters.

Just after the small lock, you maybe meet a sinner and on your left a little wobbly pontoon, (not to venture) This picturesque place leaves room for imagination.


All types of bicycles,
VTT recommended for some sandy passages,
Flat path.
Wonderful landscapes
Small course: 4 km;
Grand course: 7 kms;
2 to 3 hours walk.



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