It would be inconceivable to come to Arcachon without having made a detour this surprising city that is Gujan-Mestras.

Quality of life, tides, environmental protection, and preservation of the site, make Gujan- Mestras one of the jewels of the Bassin d’Arcachon.

This city of seven ports, one of the great centers of french Shellfish, does not lack charm. There is so much to discover that summarize in one page seems to me very difficult.

Several solutions will be available to you as to the course that I offer.

The starting point will be opposite the station of La Hume.

On your left, across from the restaurant, a small gate you will cross the railway (with of course precautions moult) Turn left, you are facing the first port, the port of La Hume. Charm oyster huts, tranquility of this small marina, stunning views over the pool, that’s it! The places are magic, we are already bewitched by such an attraction. But wait, the best is yet to come!

Here are two solutions:

* Head for the page from tamarisk trees and along the campsite a sign indicates Gujan Loop A / R: 21 km. You take the dam of the high seas.

Follow the signs symbolized by yellow stakes. This part a little difficult for conventional bikes, due to the presence of sand, however, is feasible. It would be a shame not to see this flora in a wild and beautiful setting.

You arrive at a small roundabout with a right on red wooden house on stilts necessary architecture in these places because as you can see the landscape is that marsh.

But what is it that this little shack tidal water ??? A ton duck! Happiness hunters basin!

You’ll get to see hide a tern or a frightened toad leaping ???

Gorse thorns leaves, reeds, heather, mothers bushes, yucca and cotton easily coexist to offer a haven to all those birds of passage on the Arcachon basin. We must not forget that the ornithological park of Teich is not so far and it is very common to encounter storks, cormorants, geese, ducks and of course many other birds.

We arrive at a distinct point of view. We want to open arms to welcome and remember forever this vision of nature.

* However, you can avoid this sandy road past the restaurant Marinière to turn right, then the last street on the left before the railway driveway Verdalleé To reach the port of Meyran turn the second street to the left.

now perceives the second port Meyran and if we turn around, we can see Arcachon off. The port seems quiet and peaceful with its colorful pinasses and flat-bottomed tanks.

We’ll go out west Meyran left onto « Avenue Pierre Dignac » (continuity of the aisle Verdalle) on the bike path.

On our right, an imposing building, small castle overlooking the pool. Engage in « the castle of the street » because in the end, you still have a view that it would be a shame not to see. Besides for mountain bikers a small circuit is feasible unless it rained.

After having taken the road we arrive at the port of Gujan also said the port gateway to Take after the small bridge on the left. You will note the presence of ponds drain cleaners.

Follow the signs and continue. On your left, the port, and on your right, a nice subdivision on stilts feet in the water. What luck to wake up every morning facing so rapture! Look, a seagull twirls above us, followed by a black kite in quest of food. A pelican at once majestic and scornful back to us. Some buttercups by here and there crown the decor. OH ! What smells that fresh air !!!

Well we continue to the small pontoon, and we arrive at the « port Larros » A different atmosphere reigns here. Indeed, everything seems more civilized, maybe more touristy too.

Moreover it is in this port you can visit the « House of the Oyster », eat in restaurants, d « guster oysters, learn about shipbuilding, admire a mill dating from 1808, type the cardboard in a typical bar or watch the liming of the tiles.

A small jetty with a cross at the far end, fitted little red benches will be an ideal stop to remember that, yes, we are in France and it’s beautiful!

From here are two solutions:

1) Either continue the visit to the seventh port.

Port Canal, the port Barbotière (High School of the Sea) port of the Molle, then take « rue du Haurat » straight up « the avenue of Bordeaux ». Turn right and go straight to the roundabout in front, following the « path of Bordeaux ».

On the second firewall to the left facing « alley A. Broustaut ».

At the right fork to « lake of the Magdalene » Take the road parallel to the expressway (Aqualand) and cross in front, turn right and join the CHENERAIE Park. Out of the park, turn right and reach the station of Hume.

2) Let others see typical landscapes of Gujan in part on the new bike path.

I chose to describe the latter.

After wearing the Larros pass the Gujan-Mestras Train Station, and take the little door that allows you to cross the railway.

Go again outside the station and Stop, turn left to the roundabout. Rude back to civilization! Caution caution in the skirting.

Continue in direction « Fire Station » at about 500 m after the roundabout, you have a protected path along the road, a real wooded enclave in the city center.

Chénes stalked, pines and strawberry trees, small « town creek » awaken in you a particular interest. Hello Mr. Jogger! A mother walking with a stroller while leaning to reassure baby …

And here is another roundabout with « Bagi » left. Cross straight to get to an intersection of cycle paths. Turn right towards « La Teste. » Small fork 200 m, go straight right (tennis club left).

This new track is pure happiness because it runs through the forest.

If you are careful, you might be might see some red squirrels jump from tree to tree? It is also possible to hear a woodpecker « peiche » the book, or to identify the cuckoo.

But more likely you will encounter as you walkers, athletes on skates, in any case the nature lovers.

We are made to « Botanical Garden » pass « Kid Park », « Animal Park La Coccinelle ». Then the Stop, cross the avenue to reach the bike path that leads to a small road parallel to the expressway. Take commit to the right and in the « Park of the Cheneraie ».

Bordered by the channel « Cazaux- La Hume » and « Cross-channel ‘, this park, full of freshness and beautifully maintained is the same image of a desire to preserve Nature.

Everything is calm and serene, just disturbed by the twang of ducks and croaking frogs. Ferns, chénes, reeds and water lilies ensure this balance so perfect.


All types of bicycles,
VTT recommended for some sandy passages,
Flat path.
Wonderful landscapes
What to do with family
25 kms
3 to 5 hours of walk




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