This ballad is certainly one of the most beautiful and more accessible for pedestrians and cyclists.

Ideally transporting bikes by car (we rent bicycles doors!) On the way Teich. Opposite the Esso petrol station, turn left « Alley Canteranne » direction « coastal path ».

Park your car at the cul-de-sac. The departure is now imminent because you can see the little path that we will follow to the end.

But it is also possible to combine the ballad titled « Typical landscape of the city of seven ports » to it. Indeed, when you arrive at the port of La Molle, continue straight (path rather ATVs) and walk along the basin. This path will lead you a little crooked directly to the first lock (the Laour) Coastal Path.

Imagine a small way moved, especially pleased to reconnect with nature. On former salt marshes between sea, Esteys, marshes, channels, dams, it would be a shame to spend on the pool without being able to see this mysterious beauty.

Seven locks punctuate this way: lock the Laour, Pointe, the Shed, New, Great Hut, and that of the Peyrat Tannin.

A sign indicates the names of plants and trees you’ll encounter throughout your ride.
On your right, the limit of the Ornithological Park with its lakes networks designed to fish farming. Enjoy the dance of birds all over the lock of the Point!

On your left is the Arcachon Basin, or dance the light regardless of the tide. This is it here that punctuates the passage of time. Surrounded by Tamaris, willow reeds and wild prunus, a good life pervades us. We are not in heaven, but this may well look like.

The trail gradually leaves the edges of the basin to sink into the swamp. On your left, look, one of the many channels of the Leyre discovered that the sea at low tide.

The Ornithological Park is now ubiquitous on your right, real valuable step for migratory birds. This large timber frame ghostly air, is nothing but a giant perch for birds.

Perfect for cormorant anxious to dry its wings, like a yogi, deploys in the wind in a mystical and imperturbable position.

This large building at discrete color blends into nature, and for good reason ! This is an observation hut. And if you look good, a little further on your right, at the top of large pines appears stork nests. It is pleasant to contemplate! The flight of one of them, we marvel.

Now is the return to civilization as you arrive at the entrance to the bird park, opposite the lovely little marina.

You can stroll around: the observatory of the delta of the Leyre on a small hill, some games for children, a small lake with a swimming, and just after the bridge, the entrance to the Domaine Fleury magnificent horses bask in freedom (but beware, go 200 m the area is closed to the public), and if you are brave enough, you can always take the small shaded path that will lead you to the « Point Nature » in Lamothe.

Authentic invitation to dream, or you are on the basin, there is something for everyone, but the luckiest will certainly lovers of nature.

Walking and cycling.
All types of bicycles, flat path.
Beautiful scenery
What to do with family
8 km 1 hour to 2 hours walk



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